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Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.8 – What’s Behind Tower #3?

I start the 3rd Labyrinth tower, closer to the end :^o





How To Change Faces In Photoshop

This is a cool effect that you could use for comedic purposes. One situation to using this effect is if your subject is posing correctly, but their face just isn’t as good as they were in previous photos. You could just overlay the face from a previous photo onto the new photo and have the perfect photo.

*CONTEST* $75 iTunes Gift Cards!

Contest! 😀
I got some iTunes cards for Christmas and there’s no way I could buy this much stuff on there. I actually rarely get things from there unless I buy an app or some songs.

-Comment [as many times as you want!]

Contest ends February 15th
Contest winners will get the serial codes messaged to them Feb 15

Good luck!

iPad 2nd Generation Photos?

Nope, it is just a mock up. This obviously fake iPad 2 was made based on the leaked cases a few months back. This is pretty cool if this was somewhat accurate to what the real 2nd generation iPad will look like.

Angry Birds App Review

This is an app review for Angry Birds. I think this is among my top 5 favorite iPhone apps and definitely in my top 5 favorite games. It is a fun an addicting app that you could buy in the App Store at this link:

Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough [1-2]

Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough of Chapter 1 level 1-2

Buy Angry Birds On iTunes: