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Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.3 – Conquering The Mob Tower!

I finally conquer that giant mob tower and make my way to the final level(s).


Minecraft Ep. 6 – My New Humble Abode

Floating in the sky, like a baos.



Minecraft Ep.5 – Fighting A Giant Blorp

I mean really this thing is a giant cartoon blorp without his feet attached.

Preacher Rides In A Minecart With A Sheep

Yeah I was originally going to record me blowing up lukedude5’s giant TNT in the background until I saw a preacher over there trapped in a minecart lolol

Minecraft Preacher Swimming In Lava

Why was this preacher down in a cave at diamond level. A better question is why was he swimming in lava? Was he preaching to creepers and zombies? Who knows!

Minecraft: The Gauntlet


Killing Unicorns + Skeleton Deathmatch!

I kill a few unicorns… and a baby unicorn… but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the epic skeleton vs skeleton deathmatch.. should it be called a deathmatch? They’re already dead sooo….