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Custom Patterns In Photoshop

I show you how to make custom patterns in Photoshop. This can be done with many other patterns instead of checkerboard patterns like I did in this video.


Make 8-Bit Images In Photoshop

This is how you can make pixelated, low quality, 8-bit images in photoshop. Of course if you want true 8-bit then download a color palette that is 8 bit.

Remove Ambient Noise In SoundBooth

This is how you can remove ambient noise in Adobe SoundBooth.



Tilt Shift Effect In Photoshop

Tilt shift effect is the effect that makes a city, a landscape, anything look like its small. I really like tilt shift photography and you can now make tilt shift photos without the expensive DSLR lenses.

How To Make A Custom Brush In Photoshop

This is so delicious. Hope I helped you guys out with this one.



How To Change Faces In Photoshop

This is a cool effect that you could use for comedic purposes. One situation to using this effect is if your subject is posing correctly, but their face just isn’t as good as they were in previous photos. You could just overlay the face from a previous photo onto the new photo and have the perfect photo.