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Minecraft Ep. 6 – My New Humble Abode

Floating in the sky, like a baos.




Minecraft Ep.5 – Fighting A Giant Blorp

I mean really this thing is a giant cartoon blorp without his feet attached.

Minecraft Survival Challenge Ep.1 – Epic Cave Isn’t So Epic

I explore epic [or somewhat epic] caves in this new series. If I die once, then that’s the end for that cave even when I am at a really epic part. So yeah suggest more video / series ideas for me to do! :^D

Minecraft Ep.4 – Casa De Waffle 1.5

I work a little more on my epic 2nd house and hope that it will be finished soon!

Hope you guys like this Minecraft series i’m doing.
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Walking On Water In Minecraft!

I can walk on water, jealous much?

Minecraft Ep.3 – Epic House Is Epic