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The Best Bed In Minecraft

Sleep in this bed inside or outside. It is a nice, warm, comfortable bed. Sleep on it at night and wake up in the morning without any skeletons or zombies by your bed waiting to kill you.


Killing Unicorns + Skeleton Deathmatch!

I kill a few unicorns… and a baby unicorn… but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the epic skeleton vs skeleton deathmatch.. should it be called a deathmatch? They’re already dead sooo….

Giving To The Poor.. THEN KILLING THEM!

Sorry, some of these bums are just douches and didn’t give me anything soooo I had to kill them.

Minecraft Survival Challenge Ep.1 – Epic Cave Isn’t So Epic

I explore epic [or somewhat epic] caves in this new series. If I die once, then that’s the end for that cave even when I am at a really epic part. So yeah suggest more video / series ideas for me to do! :^D

Killing A Preacher In Minecraft

They are really hard to do, unless you have some goo donuts handy!