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Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.10 – The Beginning Of The End

I start on the last tower and I’m getting closer to the end!




Texting Of The Bread Review

This is an app review of Texting Of The Bread.This is a fun application where you type words that appear on evil gingerbread┬ámen. This app is mostly for people with iPhones who text a lot. Still a fun app for people who don’t regularly text too.
Texting Of The Bread On iTunes:

Angry Birds App Review

This is an app review for Angry Birds. I think this is among my top 5 favorite iPhone apps and definitely in my top 5 favorite games. It is a fun an addicting app that you could buy in the App Store at this link:

Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough [1-2]

Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough of Chapter 1 level 1-2

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