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Giant Zombies In Minecraft

So yeah I fight a giant zombie in Minecraft. Nothing new.


Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.10 – The Beginning Of The End

I start on the last tower and I’m getting closer to the end!




I was just minding my own business killing pigs and stuff when Herobrine comes out of nowhere and just starts attacking me!

The Best Bed In Minecraft

Sleep in this bed inside or outside. It is a nice, warm, comfortable bed. Sleep on it at night and wake up in the morning without any skeletons or zombies by your bed waiting to kill you.

10 Bears vs. 50 Chickens!

I put 10 bears and 50 chickens in 1 sphere made of bedrock and put them to battle to see who wins!

Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.5 – Conquering The Ice Tower!

I finally conquer the first of four towers on the final level of The Labyrinth.

iPads Up To $300 Off, 3D Compatible LG Thrill; The Tech Update Ep.2

Tech news from this week, March 27 2011. If you guys want to suggest an App Of The Week feel free to do so in the comments. The app must be available on the iOS App Store and can be paid or free up to $5.