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Custom Patterns In Photoshop

I show you how to make custom patterns in Photoshop. This can be done with many other patterns instead of checkerboard patterns like I did in this video.


Make 8-Bit Images In Photoshop

This is how you can make pixelated, low quality, 8-bit images in photoshop. Of course if you want true 8-bit then download a color palette that is 8 bit.

Remove Ambient Noise In SoundBooth

This is how you can remove ambient noise in Adobe SoundBooth.



Tilt Shift Effect In Photoshop

Tilt shift effect is the effect that makes a city, a landscape, anything look like its small. I really like tilt shift photography and you can now make tilt shift photos without the expensive DSLR lenses.

How To Make A Custom Brush In Photoshop

This is so delicious. Hope I helped you guys out with this one.



How To Fix White Balance In Final Cut

Quick and easy way to fix white balance in Final Cut.