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Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.10 – The Beginning Of The End

I start on the last tower and I’m getting closer to the end!




Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.9 – Zombie Pool Party!

I join my zombie friends for a nice relaxing pool party. Then I kill them. Can you kill zombies? I thought they were already dead. Or undead. I’m confused.

Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.8 – What’s Behind Tower #3?

I start the 3rd Labyrinth tower, closer to the end :^o




Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.7 – Conquering The Creeper Tower

I conquer that creeper tower like a baos.




Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.6 – Meet Dr. Tom Jones

Well I start on the second tower after exploring the main middle tower for a while. Also I murder and eat my guinea pig, nothing new.

Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.5 – Conquering The Ice Tower!

I finally conquer the first of four towers on the final level of The Labyrinth.

Minecraft Labyrinth Ep.4 – Ice Bowling With Zombies!

I go out for a nice night of ice bowling with some of my zombie friends.